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Web space celebrating the human body, erotic art, and clothing free living.

My Pose For You is a resource for artists and models to promote their talents.

My Pose For You is not intended for young people. This is not a porn site, but artistic nudity is depicted in the online art gallery.
Persons offended by nudity, erotic art, sensual or sexually suggestive material should exit now.

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Who are "You" in
You are, of course. Visitors are encouraged to browse the photo albums to their hearts' content. These photos are here for you to enjoy. Please be respectful of the rights of the image owners. The artists and models have graciously agreed to share their fine art. Please do not take advantage of their hard work.

Whose images are on the site?
The images on this site have been put here by users. Some are professional models and artists, but most are not. They may be artists, art lovers, nudists, naturists, amateur models and photographers, or exhibitionists. Anyone who agrees to a few basic guidelines can contribute photos to the site.

Are the images copyright protected?
Many of the photos on the site are copyrighted. Assume all are copyright protected unless otherwise noted. Some images are marked with this symbol:
This indicates that the image is NOT copyrighted. These images you may copy and reuse because they have been released to the public domain by the image owners under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License. Additionally, you may find some images that are accompanied by text describing the terms for re-use. Please respect the intellectual property rights of the image owners.

How can I post my photos?
So glad you asked!
First you agree not to steal other people's art. If you have the rights to use the images, you can upload them into your own album. You can name the album, add photo titles, descriptions, search terms & keywords, customize album colors, and much more. There are a lot of cool features to play with. You can also link to your album from other web sites and e-mail.

The publisher is not responsible for the actions of the site users. The webmaster and publisher reserve the right to add, remove, and edit all site content. To use, you must agree that thumbnail views (small, low-resolution images) of user contributions may be used by the publisher to promote the web site. While granting us that limited permission, you retain the copyright to your images. The terms and conditions on this page are subject to change.

What type of pictures are allowed?
The site standards are up to the discretion of the webmaster. Nudity, sensual poses, and erotic art are perfectly acceptable provided that:

  • No overt sexual acts are depicted
  • No under-age models
  • No pornography
  • No copyright violations

How much does it cost to post my pictures?
There is no minimum membership fees to participate. This site is dedicated to free artistic expression. Photographers and models need a venue for
their work that is free of censorship. Of course, there are costs associated with keeping MyPoseForYou online. If you would like to help support this
website financially, you will have the gratitude of the artists, models, and visitors of

Suggestion donation amount is $25.00 per year, but any amount is appreciated!

Questions & comments
Questions about this site, copyright concerns, and comments should be directed to the webmaster.

How do I get started?
Simple. As long as you agree to the terms on this page, just request access by completing this form. Questions and comments should be sent to Your personal information will not be shared.

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